About Us


Grant & Hope Staples

The Glory House came into existence when my wife and I moved home to Laurel, MS and began praying about how God could use a house so strategically placed to serve a community. After lots of prayer and many circumstances shifting into place, our prayers are being answered with the purchase of this home. Formerly, the old “Laurel Inn,” the house has been vacant for 7 years, and we are the 7th family to own the house (more to tell there).

Our intention is to build a community mission here that will offer various services and ministry facets to anyone who desires to serve others as well as those in need of love and caring. The Glory House will simply bring the goodness of God to those in it’s reach. ESL classes, community meals, community service projects, classes for better living and blessing others will be the priority. There’s so much to be done and plenty of opportunities to give, serve and support our efforts. We are currently preparing to move and get the house ready for day to day life. After being empty for 7 years, you can only imagine all that has to take place just to make life happen for our family. Please pray and stay tuned!!!

Good things are already happening and we haven’t even started!